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    More Sway Bar Bushings

    Having trouble yet again with mother Mopar, and the variety and design of these bushings. If we begin at the front, we find two designs on my 66 fury that are on the 7/8 welded, one bolted. But, if you look at the pic, you may see that it is damn difficult to force the new square...
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    Front suspension thoughts please

    I have begun work on the front end....but have not pulled the control arms for new bushings yet, they seem OK after checking. I replaced the lower ball joints and the shocks, as well as the steering joints, after replacing the steering gear box. When unloaded, the control arms dont...
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    Upper control arm bumper

    Both of mine are gone, and a quick look has not helped. Anyone replace the uppers, and if so, how. I assume they have a bolt out the bottom of the rubber with a nut below.....but have not figured out where what or when yet. thanks
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    Lower Ball Joint Fun

    Finally got the new ball joint kit.....did intend to replace lowers, the ones that get the wear and tear, and while there, replace shocks. And, so far, it is an intention only. Pulled the torsion bar adjusters out 20 turns, almost loose. Removed the two big bolts thru the knuckle and brake...
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    Lower ball joint pickle

    I have ordered the lower ball joints, and want to ensure my fork is large enough.....anyone know what size fork needed for the C body ball joint, lower. thanks
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    Park Brake cross bar

    Wanted to finally check the operation of my E or park brake, as I was concerned that the long rear cable may have been sticking. So, pulled both drums and had the better half move the pedal up and down. Found a bit of sticking, so operated about 50 times while pushing the lever back with a...
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    Drum Brake lesson learned

    When I first pulled drums to rebuild, I found no wear that would cause a just went on with things. Unfortunately, I did not really clean up the rust and crud on the lip. So, I just pulled the rear drums for Ebrake work, and they would not come off. I had to loosen the adjuster...
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    Stuck emergency brake

    My car has been sitting for decades of minor work but little use. When I got it, it would run with fuel down the throat, and drive but very dangerous....including real bad wiring, almost no brakes and very bad steering. So, after some work, I face a somewhat tight e brake cable set. I have...
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    Brake Gurus chime in please

    Yes, I am finding that I have aged, I am now an idiot. 66 fury new brakes, master, wheel cylinders, shoes and some other small parts as needed....couple hold downs and cables. So, bench bleed with FIRST suggestion meaning the plugs....I will not do it that way again....lines back to the...
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    Lube Park Brake Cable????

    Seems the longer park brake cable on rear is sticking. I cant tell if the cable is open or has a sealed rubber/vinyl liner. I tried spraying with break free, but it may be sealed. Any thoughts.
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    Fury brake pedal return spring

    What say yee C body.....problems bleeding new master cylinder. So, I get up under dash to check play in the pedal so the cylinder can return.....yes play. But, could not get pedal. So, back up under, wiggling and waggling the pedal.....still play, not tight. But, all of a sudden I have...
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    Front brake hose routing

    I see a couple threads on hose length issues. Mine seem short, and are on the front drums, coming off the wheel cylinder in the front. But, they then run up on the back side of the frame bracket, and have a terrible bend back down to the bracket. I am wondering if someone plumbed them wrong...
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    Stinkin Master Cylinder Studs

    So, mother mopar in her infinite wisdom, used studs thru the MC that had nuts on the inside.....on the bottom two bolts for the master cylinder. I call foul. Mine are rusted out and not tight. So, new at high price, or epoxy them into the MC. I am going to go a different route here. The new...
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    Ball Joint Grease

    OK, I am blind and disabled.....and cannot find grease fittings. Anyone have comments on ball joints. Out of upper has a fitting near top. The other upper seems not to have fitting, bottom sides....nada. I have not found a fitting on either of the lower joints...
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    66 fury power steer return hose question

    Mine has the 1.2 pump, and I cant figure out how the 5/8 hose is supposed to double up and run down to the gearbox without kinks. The gear return is almost directly below the pump, and both fittings point up. I guess I could route the return back thru the compartment to avoid kinks, but am...
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    Hydraulic steering centering adjustment

    My new 66 fury was occasionally steering to the left during starts....I didn't give it much thought. Then, I ran across a chrysler tech video on the YT. Explained how to adjust the spool valve, which I did, and then voila, it now turns to the right. So, I just moved it again a smidge...