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  1. stephen dodge

    In search of a quality car cover

    these work ok if it isn't windy
  2. stephen dodge

    73 Imperial "McGoldy" to join the Minnesota herd.

    is that a is that a vulcan tow body?
  3. stephen dodge

    65 Imperial convertable

    detmatt the washington car is now in massachusetts and it is solid!! still has some factory exhaust parts...
  4. stephen dodge

    '64 Imperial Convertible - Record price?

    As a new member, who has immersed himself, as of late, into full frame imperial 'verts .(not my first immersion) All I have to say is, There is so much detail to these cars, that if they were perfect, then the cost of purchase should/ would be understandably high.
  5. stephen dodge

    My new ‘64 Imperial convertible

    could you please tell me who has the convertible weatherstripping, i need some. great job man, very ambitious. Ive been around this kind of work for a long time and I decided to buy a whole car. 15 years ago I would have done what you are doing!