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    Resto work on bucket seats

    I am not trying to restore....I took five years on an MGA frame off. My 66 fury is RoadKill, and I want to drive it. But, as an example of just how much is involved in a resto, my bucket seat is one. I pulled the seats for floor pan work and carpets. Sent just one seat base off for cushion...
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    Interior paint colors

    I have done just a few searches on this, found the 70 hamtramck pages, but need to find what paint code may have been used on my red interior 66 fury. Have not found a build sheet. Anyone have suggestion on red paint code used on things like the console in 66?? thanks
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    Wiper motor crank arm

    This 66 fury has a three speed wiper motor with a missing crank arm....interesting. But, as there are few out there and they are expensive, I wanted to ask about the correct one before trying to purchase. Does anyone have some info on the design of the arm, like the offset bend amount and the...
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    Floor pan replace

    I have been working on mine now for quite a while.....most videos seem to say that this is done in a day or two.....hmmm. I bought this car because there was not much rust, and esp in the frame members, including the subframes. The main problem on this one was in the driver pan. I ordered...
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    Second question here on front brake hoses

    I am in the middle of Brake Madness on the front of my 66 fury.....finding the hoses pulled way tight as installed. Wonder if they are plumbed correctly at the bracket. They currently come up on the back upper side and have severe bend and tight. I wonder if they should come up from lower...
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    Successful sea trial

    Worked on navy ships....forgive the pun.....but, today, I finally had a successful run. The 66 fury is now running like they used to back in the day, and I am a happy camper after all the work. Work on the new carb, the trans, the new steering and a lot of work on the new wiring harness. But...
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    66 fury console shifter help

    So, as I am a bit of fine tune shifter does not always bring the beastie into will drift, and have to try again. Also, neutral safe switch does not always engage in park, fine in N. So, I thought I would check adjust underneath. And yes, the trans lever does not go all...
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    C Body Rag Joint

    So I appreciate the previous posts on rag joints. I did not realize mine was so bad until I had to pull the shield.....and arrrgh. And, I found that some old posts using the Dorman was correct, and that Lares 220 was the right one. Although, Lares had none, I did find one. The Dorman does...
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    Fan Shroud

    Looked over existing threads.....mostly dealing with stock type shrouds. Anyone have experience with aftermarket two piece for a fury 383?? Prob will have to construct braces top and not see evidence of much on RoadKill, with no shroud. But, am pretty sure that when warm weather...
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    Match my new Steering gearbox

    I have read horror stories about new gearboxes that do not made myself a template, jig, fixture, stencil to try to match up the bolt holes and surfaces on my new Lares 11031. I have been ASSURED several times that it will fit. So, assume the 1 1/4 x 31 spline pitman, and the...
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    Steer Gear Replace

    I have finally begun the process, tired of trying to make this one work....including not being able to reduce the gear lash, and also the input shaft moves about a quarter inch axially when turned manually, so there is evidently some play in the input side as well. But, I have not found...
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    Power steering pump mount.....nutz

    Anyone understand what Mopar had in mind with this two piece mount for the Power steer pump.....seems like a scissor, with one on the engine, one on the pump that has no lock mechanism. But a rubber bumper between the scissor to take the adjustment pressure. Mine is obviously not complete, and...
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    11/32 in what world...

    It just amazes me that some numbnut engineer (of my discipline, but yes pajorative) comes up with a nut for the No. 10 (maybe 8) stud that is neither 5/16 nor 3/8. And, I recall a time when I was out of town in my mopar diesel truck with a bad starter. Under the truck I go, after finding one...
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    dash trim screws

    I am surprised at how hard to find the std oval head No 8 screws for the dash and IP. Very few seem available on the web. Anyone have a fav site to find these screws. I have quite a few that will need to go back on the dash trim, the lights on the console and other places. Most are about...
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    Anyone ever replace a steering gearbox on something close to 66 fury

    I am thinking, not convinced yet, about new gearbox. But, there are three bolts....hard to get to, and not sure how the thing will come out. The dipstick, steering shaft from column, and what else is in the way, and will not come out the bottom, or so it seems. Anyone done this?
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    Power steering hyd valve adjustment.....aaargh

    I have been thru about ten adjustments, and still have back and forth. So, have ordered another dial indicator, and will in future adjust about 2 mils at a time, and maybe then will see what is going on here. I have scribed the flat surface, and tried to use small movements, to no avail...
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    Carb dumb can one get

    New to me 66 fury, and first up was carb rebuild. Afterward, ran Ok and would idle after warm. Couple minor issues, and had to pull back apart for accel pump, and then drained old gas from tank. So, after starts with new gas, will not my first thought was dirt. Hmmm, no fuel...
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    Steering gear question....need some help on other cars

    My new roadkill has lots of steer slop. So have tried the adjustment, and it tightens up before the slop gone. Have talked to some of the rebuilders, and also reviewed service manual. At this point, I am still a bit confused as they want it adjusted while running, which makes no sense to me...
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    Steering rebuilds

    Looking for recommendations on rebuilders for both the steering gearbox and the power steer pump. Thoughts appreciated.
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    66 fury day from hell on steering column

    My wiring fiasco continues, so thought I need to address the turn signal switch that I got no current thru on Ohm testing, including horn. So, off comes the wheel. Broken parts on the TS switch, so new one. I put on new spade connectors before trying to thread the wires.....big mistake. I...