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    Starter testing

    This is my first time for the mopar gear reduction starter test. Most times, I have used jumpers on the main and on ground, then hit the small solenoid terminal to activate starter. All my past units just stopped when the solenoid was cut. On this starter, it runs for a few seconds...
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    Variable wiper with park

    For only a couple years, mother mopar used this park device, at least I think this is it, from service manual. Mine is MIA. IF correct, they are expensive and my motor fries the fuses, so has issues and will need rebuild. My question is this. Has anyone tried to replace this 66-68 system...
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    Wire Terminal Disaster

    I had to install a new wire harness in my RoadKill, as there were a couple large remnants of fire with the copper strands black and open, and many examples of use of home wire nutz, and a lot more. Some of this I blame on the old mopar plastic firewall connector that was bypassed. But, in my...
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    Coil resistance

    Would like to know what you think on coil resistance. Specs like to say about 11K resistance on secondary side. Just bought a new one from an ebay idea where made, but only has about 8K resistance. Have not tried to hook up and look at spark....may have to. But, just thought...
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    More instrument panel voltage limiter questions

    Finally have come up with some videos on the subject that really help, esp on the operation of the gauges with the limiter. And, finally figured out how to tell which is in and out on these things thanks to previous smart guys. I have not found what folks think about the use of the...
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    Cautionary tale on Chinese terminals

    So, who would think that the design and mfr of wire terminals would be difficult. And, have tried to get some from Amer Auto Wire, but got a bunch from amazon from our competitors. So, they look good, have a nice shrink tube on board, so used some for my new harness work. So the other day, I...
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    New wire harness install

    Cannot tell you about the pucker factor when installing a hew harness, with ignition switch, where OEM was having problems, and turn signal switch. The light switch seemed OK. So, remove the old harness, a mess, for sure. Then, lay out the new harness on the floor and try to negotiate what...
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    Wire terminal crimping lessons

    I have been working on my mechanical beasties for many decades. My first many years with crimping wire terminals was simple.....the standard thin plier with an oval shaped hole that just squeezes the terminal to flatten it into the oval shape. I gave it little thought, until the last ten or...
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    66 Fury Wiper Motor question

    Have not yet really gotten into the wiper system. But, seems to me that the switch has power coming into the B pin, with one W pin maybe for the washer motor. And there are four switch wires to the motor. The diagram says all four just hit the motor. I want to test my motor. Anybody have...
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    Another Headlight Switch question

    So, I removed what appears to be a new, 55 year old, switch, my 66 fury headlight switch. And, with my pea brain, I thought I could just Ohm from the B1 power inlet, to the various outlet points. But no, not in my day. I get a connection to the H tab for the headlights, only, nothing else...
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    Light Switch unknown wire

    I have matched up the new wires to my old switch that still needs to be ohmed, but I find a purple or violet with a white trace, that is on a spade on the outside of the switch. I cannot find anything on the diagrams.....a ground?? Anyone know what this one is? Danka