SOLD 1969 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Door $4,000

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Yes, that means the customer who bought the car took delivery at the factory. My Grandparents did this with a 67 Chrysler 300 4-door they bought new at Walsh-Platt in Everett, WA. Picked it up brand new at the Jefferson Ave plant and drove it home after an East Coast road trip. The top is cut off the window sticker, what was the original selling dealer?
Maybe the fact its an autotemp I car is driving people away? I mean, I like to have a heater in my car, I live in Washington...
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That car should be in someone else's garage by now. Doesn't look bad and there's some nice options on that ride.
Is $4K a firm price or the starting price?
Reasonably firm but some wiggle room for a better steward.... Want it to go to a good home..... Which Is why I started on this site not offer up or ebay..... Some very passionate knowledgeable folks on here..... Makes me realize I wasn't the only one......
At some point you will need to get the car out and get significantly higher quality and qty of pics.
Figure out a way to do it sooner, and you'll sell the car sooner.
What a wonderful NY'er! Priced right, but would be a $2K-plus transport fee enclosed easily to the Midwest or Southern Plains.

Remember when we bought cars off Auto Trader or Hemmings from a two-line ad and no pics at all!
♂️ im new, so the etiquette is a bit lost on me. Regardless, im certainly piqued. Hope something happens soon.
This whole thread is a poster boy for how NOT to sell a car. It needs to end one way or another. :soapbox:
Definitely agree, hemi. I've watched this thread trudge on with unfortunately minimal interaction with the OP. Its a shame, really.
I wouldn't say anyone has dibs on this car unless a down payment has been made to buy it.
It's been floating on this site, and who know where else for almost 2 months, and by my observation there has been no real offers made by the onlookers who say they are interested.
One can only assume what interested parties and the seller have discussed privately, all I know is that it's still listed for sale, the seller infrequently checks this thread, or atleast infrequently comments on it, and has a filled inbox, which is a hint that there is demand for the piece, enough so that there ought to have been a buyer by now.

Of course, this is neither here nor there. Id imagine the lack of photos is a driving concern for most.
I've already looked at it and have spoken to the seller for the past few weeks now trying to work out a deal. He is just going through a hard time and has other priorities at the moment, however I agree the situation needs to come to a head
Well, I hope it all shakes out for you, Vin. I certainly understand life getting in the way. Post pics once she's yours.
Thanks, I've gotten to be relatively close with him and I can empathize 100% why he's been so inactive. If you want to know about his personal situation yourself to help you understand his behavior I suggest you contact @ilovecbodies
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