For Sale 1970 Plymouth Fury III Police Pursuit

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Reading all of this has me STOKED to get my car done... :)
can you remind me (us) what you're working on?:)
Was just looking at his photo album. 71 NJ E86 Fury.. very cool!

thanks :)

Lol. All good, sometimes i think people assume what I'm talking about.
Every car/truck my dad ever owned was always overshadowed by the 71' Plymouth he had (which i now have).
Thanks. I ran with it 26" slicks(open 3.23) at the track a few times and ran best of 14.29 at 98 mph. It had 116K on the clock and had never been apart, through TTI exhaust. Otherwise stock. Wish I still had it.

VERY impressive. These cars are HUGE and heavy. Every time i rode with my dad in his 96 SS Impala, he would say it runs good, but NOT quite as good as his troop car did....
Thanks. It was 'good one' even with 116k on the clock. The 26" slicks gave max traction and effectively a lower gear ratio, which helped. I guess recurving the distributor and a metering rod change do not make it 100% stock, forgot about that. Still, pretty good for a 4400lb'er:icon_fU:
Cool dense air helped too. I believe I used icon with wrong finger raised, where did I put those glasses lol:)
yup..that's what happens. its really something how pricier/fancier cars lose the spotlight -- for a little bit anyway -- when a nice old cop car is around.

NOT dissin' NON-cop cars .. i've had/got a bunch cool civi cars. just observing that given the life they led (beat to death on duty or as taxis after retirement/harvested for powertrains then derbied or left to waste away in salvage yards), and the relatively smaller group of enthusiasts/collectors compared to other specialty cars, the remaining specimens of old police cars (all makes) do attract attention.:)

It's fun playing with both. I look forward to getting mine on the road.
Quick Update. A buddy of mine owns this car now. He's over the moon about it .. loves it. better than his expectations. runs, drives, looks great.

so its in good hands for a while anyway. :)
That is good to know. He offered it to me for 15k, he get his 20?.. have no room for it, still. Need to get rid a few cars by this fall. Great car!☺
while i can't comment on the transaction details as to the price, the deal got done because both seller and buyer were happy with the money thing. :)

a key thing is that THIS was a really nice car. nicer in person than in the pictures. very well done in all respects.

and, quoting my friend, with the Super Commando 1970-spec 440, it sure can "haul the mail". i can't wait to take it for a spin before it get's put away for the winter.

AN ASIDE: i directed my buddy to this car via this thread. he's been looking at a couple of my cars for a long time so i knew what he was looking for.

he appreciated the way this car was "vetted" here. people had their opinions obviously, BUT he said it was evident "you guys know your stuff".

guess we did a good job on this one and added a new C-body lover to our extended family,
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Congrats to your buddy. I was trying to sell a car to get the $$$ but it sold too soon.
Greetings everyone, the Fury has changed hands I'm the new owner!! This car gets around!!
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