WANTED 1970 Polara steering wheel

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Which one? There were 5 different types?

I was surprised to see them listed on the Rockauto site, but there were/are all Grant wheels; no factory ones.
Just checked out Hamtramck for the first time - lots of great info - Thanks! Unfortunately no fender tag on this car so I don't know what steering wheel it came with originally. I think standard wheel would be fine.
Steering wheels are not on the fender tags. Need a sheet or window sticker.
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@St.John -- if I were you, and given the other options present on your car, I would guess that a rim blow wheel was not part of your EB3's original equipment. I would avoid both types of rimblow wheels anyways (one of which comes only on tilt wheels), as they both are prone to failed switches / material cracking issues — and replacements that work are as rare as hens' teeth.

Fort the other three choices, here are pics showing the looks on a 1970 Polara 'vert:


(ignore the covering)


The last one is Snow White. I still have the original black plain wheel, which I have replaced by a woodgrain wheel from a 1970 Monaco parts car.
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The first and second ones were very common on all C bodies. My Newport had the second one. You can look at more than just Dodges.

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