NOT MINE 1973 Polara wagon 140 speedo

I spoke with him today.
He said he will keep it around for a couple more months.

Kinda one of those deals where
If I don’t get what I’m having it crushed deals!!!
I’m only guessing here. I think he might take $1200 bottom line.????
I will check out wagon when I go to pickup 61 fury.
It’s just too wet right now
If anyone is seriously interested PM me and I will give contact info.

One positive is a clean recent California title non-op in his name.
End of the month is deadline.
Called me today to say it’s going to crusher then.

I’ve called a derby guy I l know
who will go save it from crusher.
I will post up parts for sale if anyone is interested?
Best I can do.
Wrecker showed up a week early
before the the guys self imposed deadline…………..

It’s been raining here nonstop for last 2 months. Everything is stuck in the mud.

Derby guy flaked on buying it.

Wagon was sent to crusher with all parts.
140 speedo,73 disc brakes,special order tags,15 inch wheels,radio delete,…..all lost
Well story is not over this wagon yet! It did not get crushed YET!

It found its way to a pick and pull yard in Windsor California.

Once it goes into one of those yards they never come out.
I do not see it on their inventory list?

Not sure if they will crush it or put it line up.
Disc Brakes 1973.
140 speedo
360 motor.
15in disc brake rims
A recent pic somebody sent me.
They have boogered it up.

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