Lifter noise at start up

I would expect the friction surfaces on a cam and set of lifters to be well into their service life by 90k miles.
I would have replaced them, along with the timing chain.
Isolating the noise would be helpful.
Fury Fever....
I've been repairing and maintaining Mopars since 1970, currently have two long term vehicles. One is a 1976 Power Wagon 360 4bbl that I put the engine together in 1986. Around 250,000 miles with no issues. The other Flat Tappet engine was put into service in 1995 and has 450,000 miles with only a Cam Chain service, and that was a preventative since I was swapping the Harmonic Balancer. Neither of these engines have noises or smoke/use oil.
Both are running 15w40 Diesel Oil, along with my Gasoline Tractor, 2 Lawn Mowers and the one actual Diesel engine I have. All are Flat Tappet. I have witnessed 'dry starts' on vehicles that were running various Oil Filters other than WIX. That problem is caused my the filter having a poor 'Anti Drain Back' valve allowing the Oiling System to 'siphon' itself dry, and is similar to starting after a fresh oil change without prefilling the filter with oil.

Thank you all for all the very good feedback. Between upgrading oil filter/better oil/additives like slick 50, cranking for a bit because this engine does fire right up…Ive got plenty of good ideas to try. I do not believe I have an exhaust leak. Car is hibernating/inoperable anyways now. I tore into the dash…got dash pad out for winter. I hope to get it restored or even do it myself. I’ll get back to you after I try some of the things mentioned here. Thanks very much…Bob

PS…my old mopar mechanic friend is definitely set in his ways. He worked at Mopar dealerships back in the early 60’s on fin cars and later models. He’s 85 now and just a wonderful guy. We’re all different…lots of ways to go about stuff. Bottom line. I was very grateful for his help.