Never forget a little late


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May 16, 2018
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Centerville, South Dakota
I am disappointed in our media - I hadn’t heard one mention about D-Day on Tuesday, June 6.

Lest us never forget!

FYI - if you ever are in the area, The Fagan Fighters War Museum has an amazing exhibit in Granite Falls, Minnesota.

Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

Also, stolen from Flapbook, but appropriate:

TimelineTuesday: 6/6/1944, D-Day: thousands of Allied troops land in Normandy to liberate France from the Nazis. Among them is a young Canadian, James Doohan, who loses a finger that evening when a nervous comrade accidentally machine-guns him. (He's also hit in the leg and chest, and only a metal cigarette case keeps a bullet from killing him.) Doohan goes on to become an actor and has an important role in a certain sci-fi series you might have heard of. Look closely during certain Star Trek episodes, such as "The Trouble With Tribbles," and you'll see that Scotty is missing his middle finger.

I just noticed that too, not one blip on any news feed. Sad, very sad.
a soldier had to survive the crossing. then survive the approach to the beach, or the landing of a glider or a parachute drop. a soldier that made it to the beach then had to survive long enough to fight his way off. if he made it off, he then had to fight and survive in occupied France. i don't have words for it.