NOT MINE Smashed 70 GT for sale in Canada

It looks like none of the front or rear glass was broken, and the RR C-pillar looks intact/unbent.
Drivers door gap (at rear edge) looks good, even the front gap isn't too bad considering the damage.
Gap at passenger door/fender also not bad, although the rear gap is the one that's important.
I wonder if the main tub from firewall to axle is intact.
And if the interior is still decent? And drivetrain salvageable?
Obviously further inspection is required, but I see a car that could be saved (although it surely holds some surprises).
Looks like a great place to spend a 318 donor car to fix this one.
But the price needs to drop a bit.

5-7 years from now we'll wish we hadn't discarded this one.

If only they hadn't left it outside for 20 years, though...