Your first car was a _________?

1959 Ford Galaxy 500 2dr. Black with white and green interior. Price was free, had to remove broken spark plugs out of the heads.
Wow, that is quite a car to start with :wideyed:

My dad bought it new after I nagged him a lot. Then he gave it to me when I went to work for Chrysler in Detroit in 1969. Never drove it in the salt though and kept it in a garage. I had a beater 4 door 66 Plymouth Fury for the salt days.
Started right off with still the sexiest mopar of all time.
My $400 special.
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Creampuff 1956 Plymouth Savoy sedan Flathead six ,three speed overdrive.

Same as this one except that mine was baby blue over white
That is my son's first car, unless he buys something different in the next year and a half.

Both of my daughters drove Neons as their first car and loved them. I’ve got a buddy selling his 2001 Neon RT stick loaded with leather sunroof etc and under 60000miles if anyone is interested...$4k CDN
2000 Nissan Almera 2.2 turbo diesel . No aircon, manual windows, radio casette player and a heater stuck in the hot position. Got it in 2006. Car had only done 18k kilometers.
Took it over from my grandfather when he passed away and had great fun with it.
A Fiat 500L, beige with rally striping.

It was 18 years old when I bought it in Verona back in 1991. The price was about $700. Without any major check-up the car was driven straight to Holland. Only because it wouldn't make much more than 45 mph it took me three long days to get there. At that speed no one tolerates your presence on the Autobahn.

Much of my driving and technical skills were acquired with the help of that Fiat. Later I sold it on to the owner of an Italian restaurant for five times the price I had paid for it. Sounds great, but if you consider all the expenses I incurred for the road trip to Holland, the import duties and sorting out the rusted frame, I broke just about even.

That's why I didn't become a car dealer. Like a pro said to me: "Buying a car is no special feat, selling a car is!"

THIS!, in glacial blue (or glacier) two door version, slipping trans. Fixed it up and drove it for a couple years then had to move on to a work truck.......
'69 Road Runner back in '72, 383 4sp bench front seat. Paid $800 for it and it wasn't really worth that much but I was young and stupid and really wanted the car. Kept it until the first gas crunch hit and sold ir. The new owner had about 3 months when he put it into a guard rail and totaled it.
A '66 Newport, turquoise in and out. 383, PS, PB, AM radio, no A/C. My dad bought it new. My Mom, myself, brother and sister all learned to drive on that car and took our driving tests on it. He handed it down to me in '74. It was time for tires and an exhaust. He said pay for the tires and exhaust and I could have it. My brother got it next, then my sister. By the time my sister got rid of it in the early '80s there was so much rust from all those North Jersey winters. By the early '80s the entire family owned some sort of Pontiac as a family friend was a salesman at the local dealership.
1966 Dodge Coronet 440 with 318 poly auto. paid $75 for it and did a couple hundred dollars to it, then drove it for another 10 yrs before trading it for a 68 monaco 500.