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  • Hi Dave. Hey it is Wayne down here in Eugene. in June we had pm about maybe if I could come up and introduce myself and meet you, you said maybe July or August may be a better time for you. wondered if maybe you had time this week or soon, I'd love to drive my 65 Fury up and just BS for 10-15 minutes.I see you as a Treasure Trove of knowledge on older Mopars. buzz me back if you would, thanks Wayne "65GUS"
    Hello Dave!

    I have one last question on my brake booster.
    There's a small hole on the master cylinder that according the FSM, leads to an air filter. That's where the hiss is coming from. Plugging it, or putting a finger over it, restores the power brakes...even the brake light switch stays off!
    Does that still mean the diaphragm is bad, or something at that port, like the filter element is bad?

    Davea Lux
    The diaphragm is bad, probably has a hole in it, it should not hiss all the time and there should not be any air coming out around the filter.
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for responding about the clamp. When you say "strap", do you mean clamp?

    I'm definitely interested to see what you've got exactly.. just need to match up with the one I have already. If you've got a pic of the clamp and screw/bolt heads that would help too!

    Sorry to post here.. private messaging won't allow me to send anything right now. You can certainly text my cell is 212-365-0652

    Thanks, Alex
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