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  1. livininharrow

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    that floor pic looks familiar.
  2. livininharrow

    Who's in the eclipse zone?

    clear skies and a total eclipse viewing here. the ring around the sun was a bluish green viewing through my welding helmet and was awesome for about a minute. was it cool yes. would i have driven more than a hundred miles to see it no. but it was really cool and no one died.
  3. livininharrow

    Who's in the eclipse zone?

    im in harrow not far from point pelee national park. will be in the totality zone.
  4. livininharrow

    Aluminum trim polishing

    wow. okie dokie.
  5. livininharrow

    Aluminum trim polishing

    google is friendly but you will make more friends here by sharing information with others if you have it. now that is friendly. just saying.
  6. livininharrow

    Opinion Needed

    i just recieved all of my material for the interior for my 66 fury wagon from SMS. the carpet is a perfect fit and colour is dead on. the carpet is from ACC i dont think youll be disappointed with auto custom carpets.
  7. livininharrow

    Adding drain plug to gas tank

    i have to agree with stan. why bother. i had a 55 desoto with a fuel tank factory plug in it. for shits and giggles i drained the tank and there was nothing other than fuel. 60 year old tank. not worth the effort in my opinion.
  8. livininharrow

    Bastardized 1959 "Coronet" build

    cant wait to see this badboy finished. i am loving this project.
  9. livininharrow

    I got a Station Wagon!

    nice find and a sweet looking wagon.
  10. livininharrow

    Lost my #%@in' keys! '77 NYB

    i would look a little further. i bought a 55 desoto years ago from a guy in oklahoma. when i got the car shipped here the keys were missing. he told me someone had stole them out of the car before it was shipped to me. i said why wouldnt they steal the whole ******* car? anyway after i had keys...
  11. livininharrow

    Help needed, Vallejo, CA area

    no problem bruce. dont wanna see anybody get screwed over. good luck my friend.
  12. livininharrow

    Help needed, Vallejo, CA area

    why cant the seller keep it for a week or so? am i missing something here? the seller is changing auction houses? run like hell
  13. livininharrow

    Engine Color

    thats what it is for. never used one.
  14. livininharrow

    Engine Color

    now that is the correct colour
  15. livininharrow

    10 years in the making, the conclusion to my post 1965 Monaco

    beeeeuutifull congrats. another year i figure for my wagon.
  16. livininharrow

    Condensation problems STILL!

    obviously the culprit is the cover itself keeping moisture in the car. this can't be that complicated. keep us up to speed on your findings.
  17. livininharrow

    Condensation problems STILL!

    i would try what you suggested in leaving the cover off. you have nothing to lose. the cover must be trapping any moisture in. too nice a car to let that go on.
  18. livininharrow

    ‘67 Fury 440 Stroker Rearend Humming Noise

    and maybe take somebody else out on the road along with himself if he loses control. i hope he is joking