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  1. gyknot

    1964 rear end swap

    Have you ever considered slotting the hole in the pad with a carbide grinder? They cut steel very well. I've never done it and not sure its an option, but seems it would be better than putting things into a bind.
  2. gyknot

    1964 rear end swap

    Keep in mind, the Imperial will have a different wheel bolt circle. I'm sure there is something better than doing that.
  3. gyknot

    727 3rd Gear Drum Cracks

    I've never seen that before but then again I've only refreshed a couple transmissions in my time. I think the answer is evident. If its cracked where it aint supposed to be, replace it for sure.
  4. gyknot

    Car stalled on me the other evening

    I once had a 68 fury that would periodically die and not restart. Then an hour or day later it would and run fine. It was an intermittent and annoying problem. Turned out the filter sock in the fuel tank had torn open, and the line would suck up a bunch of crap in the tank until it choked off...
  5. gyknot

    Reconditioned 452 heads. What upgrades should I consider?

    If you do decide it needs a valve job, have the stock heads rebuilt. All stock with hardened seats. The seats are almost a standard upgrade anymore when having heads done. With the stock 383, you don't need any upgrades. Using your original heads keeps your compression right where it should be.
  6. gyknot

    64K Sonic Ram motor value?

    413--You are right and I was thinking of the cross ram.
  7. gyknot

    64K Sonic Ram motor value?

    My question is why are you being told it can't be put into a 63 Sort Fury? The cars were available with big blocks and ram equipped engines.
  8. gyknot

    Oil pump relief valve

    I agree its easy to get to and change, but 25 psi is more than enough oil pressure too. I realize most people seem to like to see 40-60 psi but its not needed. Just my 2 cents worth.
  9. gyknot

    '65 Polara 383 Not Starting

    I'd also either sandblast the plugs or replace them. If you tried running it on old gas, it can "glaze over" on the plugs and they just won't fire like they should. Especially if it got flooded on the old gas. Other suggestion would be to swap out the condensor as well. I'm not saying either...
  10. gyknot

    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    I'll go with what "413" said. It's been so long since I've even seen that thing I don't remember. Rather embarrassing actually.
  11. gyknot

    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    However I'm not sure if the cable system is completely compatible. I'm thinking you have 5 pushbuttons and a park lever setup? I'm not sure however as I've never had one of those. It almost seems to me those had a 2 cable system but again I'm not sure. As for a cable shift with slip yoke, 1965...
  12. gyknot

    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    Yes. 1965 only. If you can't locate one locally, let me know. I have had one for years that I will never use but hate the thoughts of figuring out how to ship one.
  13. gyknot

    727 rebuild options

    My first answer is #2. They are not difficult to do, and you have done them before. But if you don't have a ready source to the misc. parts that may be damaged then #3 starts to make good sense. Even with a kit you'll have way under 1/2 of what the shop wants, invested into it. Especially if #3...
  14. gyknot

    Poly Motor Vibe

    It would seen logical that one of the items you replaced is bad. Not sure why your vibration is only at certain rpm's but if it didn't do it before, and now does, something you changed is likely the culprit. Since the water pump would not spin if the belts were removed, that pretty much leaves...
  15. gyknot

    What might i expect in swapping from a 2bbl to a...

    On the low compression 400, I just don't see it being worth the cost of a new manifold, carb, air cleaner, etc for what little power increase you might get. I don't know what your end goal is, but if its a driver I'd keep what you have if it works well. You could get the original 2bbl rebuilt...
  16. gyknot

    c bodies 65 through 72 clutch peddle parts build

    I am one of the early guys interested in the hump. I had planned to modify my 6cyl Z bar and of course already have pedals. The older I get, the more I like the idea of keeping the car original with the slant 6 and 3 on the tree. If I do, I won't need a hump either. I'm finding the older I...
  17. gyknot

    Differential from 68 New Yoker or Newport

    You are right that C body axle housings are not easy to find a buyer for. And the 741 case isn't looked for either, even though it will hold up just fine for anything but drag racing with very sticky tires. If you have the room, I'd just set it aside for "someday". If room is getting tight...
  18. gyknot

    Differential from 68 New Yoker or Newport

    what do you mean by "couple of chunks messed up"?
  19. gyknot

    Hemi Valve cover Identification assistance needed!

    They are early hemi for sure. Not later 426 covers. You will have to measure the length of the cover to determine if they are Dodge, Desoto, or Chrysler. They are all different lengths. Dodge and Chrysler covers came either plain or with embossed letters. Desoto covers were all plain. Most...
  20. gyknot

    Changing Distributors

    Assuming your car is a chrysler product, the short answer is yes. Just pop off the distributor cap to see where the rotor is pointing. Pull the old distributor and put the new one in with the rotor in the same spot. With a mopar product it will only go in 2 ways. Correct, or 180 degrees off...