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    Languishing 300 Letter cars.

    People don't realize how much money a Letter Car takes to be restored. I restored a G and it was ridiculous the money I put into that car. Need your gauges redone? JC Auto is the only guy who does dome gauge clusters. Need an interior? Its Quirtey, and they charge over 20% more than Gary...
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    Intro from Texas

    Funny, I just heard about another 67 Polara 500 383-4 4-spd convertible that was from Wyoming. They only made 17 67 Polara 500s in all body styles with the 383-4 4-spd combo. Let see more pics! Fender tag? I see the drivers side fender brace which was 4-speed only.
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    NOT MINE 1965 Chrysler 300L - $15,500/ new link reduced price of $10.5k

    It was cheap enough...they always look worse in person than in photos but the price was so low I don't think that mattered anymore.
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    NOT MINE '68 Mobile Director.

    $12,750 US. Exchange rate is really good towards the US right now.
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    NOT MINE 71 Plymouth Sport Suburban Wagon Alberta Canada

    About $22k US dollars. Don't see many two tagged C Bodies.
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    NOT MINE 1968 Dodge Polara Convertible 440 Magnum - $28,700 Texas

    Sold it like 13 years ago, probably shouldn't have. It was a really nice Northwest Survivor car, ended up going to Europe. Guy bought it to flip and liked it so much once he got it home he kept it.
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    NOT MINE 1968 Dodge Polara Convertible 440 Magnum - $28,700 Texas

    I had a red one years ago and it didn't have wheel lip or rocker mouldings.
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    NOT MINE 1968 Dodge Polara Convertible 440 Magnum - $28,700 Texas

    All that and manual brakes, would be nice to see the VIN or fender tag to confirm its an L Code car. The trim is right for a "base" Polara.
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    1970 Newark "F" Assembly Plant Cars

    There were a few U Code 1970 Fury Police cars. Oregon State Police and Minnesota Highway Patrol I believe were two agencies that ordered U Code cars.
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    YOM PLates

    How do you check if a plate is DMV Clear in California?
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    YOM PLates

    I have YOM plates on all of my cars. Register once and your done, don't have to renew every year. These are Spokane County Plates, where the car came from.
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    68 Imperial Crown Coupe on YT

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    1972 Polara California Highway Patrol Special

    I hope he gets it or near it, makes my 73 WSP Polara worth more
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    1972 Polara California Highway Patrol Special

    Car is for sale, I think he has $72k on it
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    So I test drove this one today…

    Those supposedly sold out instantly when they put them up for sale. There are several at local dealers right now so I think a lot of people with deposits backed out. I would think that you could get one for less than MSRP.
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    A tale of two '69 Furys- Why I drink and things that keep me up at night.

    The Texas car is a Sales Bank car, maybe the VON changed when the car was assigned a dealer?
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    "FOR CORP ADVERT" would tell me it was an advertising car. Late SPD for the catalog or original advertising.
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    Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling show 2024

    Best Mopar show on the West Coast. Need to make my Airtel reservations.