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    66 Fury Hood Adorn

    This hood ornament does not seem to fit very well.....loose on the hood ridge, and cockeyed when tight. Also, a small hole behind. I am happy I took this pic because I did not see the 383 on back side. Does this appear correct, and could it be reversed with maybe a pin that goes thru hole...
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    Lower windshield trim fasteners

    Have not had any success after trying some ebay fasteners that appeared to be in the neighborhood, but not. Some time back, this photo was put on this forum, and is the set I need. This is the first I have found on the outer clips that have a screw, and my spring clips are either in bad shape...
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    Aluminum trim polishing

    Having tried to research a means of polishing the anodized aluminum, I have not found much other than sand off, polish and re-coat. Anyone have any luck with this horrible trim. I am not sure yet whether it can be improved at all with a cleaner that does not remove the anodize??
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    Notes on the cowl drains

    Note sure if this has been available here, but just wanted to add if not....have not found it on searches yet. The one confusing thing for me to date, is that I cant find how there are layers on the firewall to funnel water from the cowl areas up top, down even to the center flap hole, nor all...
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    QQ1 spray can

    This is the 66 dark red poly, not later blues. I found a paint code of 71476 but have not found any kind of duplicate spray can for some touch ups. Anyone had any luck with this paint. thanks
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    Roof Rail Weatherstrip Install

    I have tried to read the threads here, and reviewed Utube, and other places to try to figure this out. I have seen notes that there are either screws or pins at the end or ends, and some notes on clips along the roofline. The directions that come include noting that there are pins at the end...
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    Windshield Cowl Fasteners

    I may have asked this before, but am still puzzled. I have tried a couple small clip types but no cigar. Also have looked at some of the suppliers such as Mr G but have not gotten a handle on this fastener that has a very small hole behind for anything. I currently am using a sheet metal...
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    Vent Window....Lube or Limber

    Have tried to find more on the horrible vent window work and parts. I am wondering two things on the windows.....does anyone offer a kit of the rubber and channels for the windows, and also has anyone figured out how to lubricate the vent window, to ease its operation. I assume that the upper...
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    66 fury windshield cowl clips

    There is an older post on the square base clips used to hold down the trim. My car has some of these, so I will know what to search for re replacements. But, evidently they also used some type clip on the front nose of the cowl. At first, I thought they might be screws, but now, as I examine...