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    Heater hose routing.....silly, yes

    As I work on timing chain, I will replace heater hoses. They were routed just off the engine hanging toward exhaust manifold. I could shorten a bit so they sit nearly on valve cover, or extend out toward the inner fender. Thoughts please on something silly.
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    Cooling system capacity

    I have been flushing and filling my mud filled system for almost a year. Normallly I get out about two plus gallons. Recently I pulled one block drain plug and got out two quarts. I did not pull the passenger side since the drive side was clean. But, in refill, I went to the manual that...
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    Heater box cables, non AC

    I am at the point that I will have to work on the stinkin cables......the reason I say that has to do with getting to the clips on the box. Not nice. But, my current old cables are long, and appear to be way too long. For instance, the defrost cable is maybe 24 inches, for one that should...
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    Those heater box cable clips....

    There was a thread on the subject, but no info on how to deal with these darlings. Some cable clips are held by a screw. Others, the problem at hand, just snap down. Does anyone know how to un fumble these things so they survive. It seems they fold over the lip of the plate, but not sure...
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    66 fury non AC heater parts and help

    Have just removed the heat control and cables. They were all disconnected, and the levers on the box are stuck. Soooo, I have searched here and also reviewed service manual as well as ebay et al for parts. I need to begin with a diagram of the controller, to see how cables connected. The...