2024 Hot Rod Power Tour


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Jan 19, 2013
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Avonmore Pa.
Figured since the Calendar flipped I would start a thread. See or plant a seed for anyone who would like to participate in it.
I did it last year. Had some reservations about it and dealing with snobby attitudes and my junky '68 Charger. My son and I went on it. We met up with @HawkRod in VA. And then on to Atlanta for the start. Had never met or hung out with Hawk and his buddy Barry (they post quite a bit over on FBBO) we did not stay connected at the hip all week, but it nice to know a mechanically adept Mopar person was fairly close.
The official route and schedule or registration has not come out yet. Judging from the past the dates for this year should be June 10-15. It starts where last year left off so that means it will kick off in Bristol.
Figured there are a lot of you C body guys that enjoy putting the miles on and there was a group of you that did your own power tour in Illinois last fall. Just wanted to put it out there to see if any interest? Field some questions? No need to worry about having a "hot rod" anything old is cool. So look your calendars over and if you can go it is a great time.
Was a Long Hauler 9 years in a row. Also had a few short runs after. Always had fun and meet allot of nice people.
Never be afraid to drive what you have. 2 of my favorite Long Haul runs were in Slant 6 Dodge Darts.
Long hauled in 09, that year ended in Bristol too.
Then did 3 stops in 10. Both in my fury I still have "but it's a b body" not a "c".
There was a '75-76-ish c body Both years whose owner was wanting any and all participants to autograph it. I couldn't find my 1st year one the 2nd time around, as I remember it seems like many of them had been wiped away. ..
If they do the Illinois thing again this year hopefully I can go this time
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Always interested.
I don't know that we'll do the rt 66 route again so soon but @ayilar always cooks up something
Route and dates released today
Just when you think you have a handle on how things work, it changes.
Not starting from last year's end point.
I know there is people local to some of these stops. Would be good to see a For C bodies turn out even if only a couple of stops. You have to pre-register for passes, no will call or walk ups if you want to get in, kind of the point, the daily drive/cruise is fun also, but lots of traffic.
I’ve gotta make some schedule adjustments, I think I’m gonna Pull the trigger on this one..

Anyone else considering? It’d be nice if WE could meet up and do it as a Club..
Are you guys talking about doing the long-haul or just a couple of days? Has anyone purchased any passes yet?
Are you guys talking about doing the long-haul or just a couple of days? Has anyone purchased any passes yet?
Yep, long hauler bought pass yesterday. Now have to rebuild trans and 3rd member in son's car. Good thing is we can go all the way down to plan "E" and not get newer than 1992. For log haulers, when are you planning on checking in for credentials? Sunday or Monday? We are checking in on Sunday again.
Well looks like long hauler passes are sold out. Wonder if they are limiting the number, or just in a popular area.
Also for those going or in the area of the stops. Where are some good museums, car collections, a big one is museums around Indianapolis both the motor speedway and the drag strip. Lot of history there any suggestions?