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Jun 21, 2018
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Leuven - Belgium
After installing a new radio and quartz clock conversion i’m cleaning the panel that covers both. I noticed that parts of the panel which are now bare beige plastic seem to be covered in silver paint on some places (above the words ‘selector’ and on the left side).
I’m wondering if the entire panel was originally painted silver, with black accents or if a previous owner repainted the panel and only masked off the readily visible part...
Does anybody have a photograph of how this panel should look?




The originals were never beige, but a combination of chrome, argent silver paint and semi gloss black. The beige is a combination of years of nicotine, and dirt/airborne greases. Add to that the aging of the original finishes and the base plastic yellowing and coatings wearing off.

Here's a link to a radio delete plate (near NOS with shelf wear) that shows the finishes.

Mopar TAKEOFF 1966 Plymouth Fury Heater & Clock (without Radio) Bezel 2580763 | eBay

Chrome applied first (a process called vacuum metalizing)
Argent silver
Semi gloss black.

I refinished mine using factory processes after stripping off the original coatings and starting with bare plastic parts.
Chrome applied first (a process called vacuum metalizing)
Argent silver
Semi gloss black.

I refinished mine using factory processes after stripping off the original coatings and starting with bare plastic parts.

Ross did you do that yourself or have it done somewhere? I installed a NOS left side gauge bezel that I found, however the right side (radio delete) bezel needs to be re-finished.
I had the vacuum metallizing done at a local place - the place was called Vacuum Metallizing in Scarborough Ontario. I did a quick google search and there's nothing in Alberta that I could find. They get decent but not amazing reviews.

The devil is in the details for this process - it's a lot more consistent if the parts are new and uncontaminated. Used parts are a bigger challenge, as the parts have to be stripped and neutralized properly or the vacuum metallizing doesn't take, and looks crappy. Cracks and flaws and residue will ruin the job, or make the chrome so fragile that the masking for the next steps will pull it off. The parts have to be perfectly clean and smooth.

The parts can be stripped with oven cleaner, but the place that did it for me didn't want to guarantee the job if I did the stripping myself, so I let them do it.

Mr Gs used to do it, but I don't think they offer it any more.

After I got the parts back, I just applied the argent silver and the semi gloss black myself.

You can do a fair imitation of the chrome with spray paints, but I've yet to see a spray on product that beats true metal plating. Still, some have done it with a Bright silver first, argent 2nd and black 3rd. I think @mr. fix it did it that way and it worked out pretty nicely.

Here's some pics of the dash of my turquoise Monaco and my red Monaco.





Red Dodge Pics 011.jpg
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Looks like they all turned out very nice. I have two radio delete panels so will send one of them out for re-finishing if I can find a place that does it right.
Here's my posting of my dash clean up.

One year year later and the paint is holding up well.
The only concern for me is that I applied 1/8" pin striping along the edges of the dash trim pieces.
It is holding well in a straight line but in the sharp corners it is peeling up somewhat.

I plan to redo this by using actual paint next time.
You can see that even on the bench it was popping up in the corners after 24 hours.
I had tried using a warming iron from a hobby shop application and it helped.
A few coats o clear helped out but it is giving way more than I care to see.

The dash clean up thanks to Ross's encouragement(Title correction I was on serious drugs earlier)

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Thanks for the link to your old thread, it’s been bookmarked:thumbsup:
Both your and Ross’ dashboards look stunning!

This is what makes this forum so great, loads of experience and the willingness to share this with others.:thankyou:
Just finished a spare left side gauge cluster. Quite happy with the results, altough not perfect. The chrome isn’t as shiny as it should be, but it was the best rattle can chrome spray I could find which would not rub off.
The glove box door is up next.