Fuselage windshield, new available?


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Aug 26, 2015
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I may be popping out my 71 fury windshield to do bodywork and reseal it. I was told the glass MIGHT break. Is there a source for a new windshield just in case?
Glass for 2 and 4 door hardtops is available generally for reasonable prices. If it is a 4 door sedan or station wagon, then the glass is available, but very expensive when you can find one.
Are windshields really THAT prone to breakage when removed? There's nothing wrong with mine currently but i plan to remove it when i start having bodywork done to it...
I'd love to see how it looked. Do you have any pic.? Did you save the spolight and other equipment?
Your windshield should not break when you remove it careful, if it is in good condition.
I just got a new one for our 1972 Custom Suburban through the local glass shop, priced very reasonable.

I've had to reseal the windshield on my Yorker. It was just butyled into the frame. It's not like an A-body with that goofy rubber seal that locks in the glass, etc. I still can't wrap my head around how that works (I have 3 a-bodies).

I'd make sure you have rubber blocks under the windshield before removing the butyl. It shouldn't slide down once you break the butyl bond, but you never know.
Sorry, I don't know. Someone else took my back glass out. Hopefully I'll be putting in the new (used) glass in the next few weeks.