Intermittent Miss at low speed.. 1963 Dodge 880 361 V8


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Oct 2, 2023
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This is not a problem anymore for me but wanted to share what I did to fix my issue... Original Problem... Ever since I got this car last year I had a random miss, sort of like a bucking feeling or driving against heavy wind whenever I would drive at slower speed.. I was originally using points, at the problem became worse with Pertronix electronic ignition.. The things I did previously that did not work... Replaced carburetor, plugs, plug wires, ignition coil, wirinng to bulkhead connector, switch alternator to 1 wire, bypassed amp guage inside of vehicle, adjusted carburetor, cleaned fuel lines, replaced fuel pump, replaced fuel filter, heat wrapped ignition coil, switched gasolines to premium, lead substitute in gasoline, seafoam in the carb, seafoam in the tank... Cleaned intake.. New ballast resistor(prior to pertronix).. Yeah none of this resolved the issue and I was almost at my wits end trying to fix this issue... Here is what fixed it.. Ready...... The ignition switch.. Yes thats right the ignition switch.. Looking at the wiring diagram one side of the coil wire runs through the keyswitch, through the bulkhead connector, to the ballast resistor back to the coil.. So current for the coil runs through the switch.. Intermittent loss of power at the internals of the keyswitch caused the issue.. I replaced the keyswitch with a new one.. A bam no more issue.. In case anyone in here has this issue and they can't fix it.. This is what I went through and how I resolved it... Maybe this has been brought up before but just sharing....