It´s time for the Slab picture thread


Great car! Love that flag background, where is that and what is it made from?
In Wisconsin. I believe it's made from various parts and pieces from an old iron works factory that used to be there. There's other large pictures and decorative art with the same motif of the factories that used to be part of the community.
First trip in 2 years. The Fury finally past tech inspection so we took her out for a drive last weekend. I forgot how nice a cruiser this is…
Parked to the left is my neighbours Peugeot 304 (for scale )





This past weekend I had the honor of being the “tailgunner” for a motorcycle fund raising ride. The group is the Western New York Riding Lions, a relatively new Lions Club with members from all over Western New York. I am a long time Lion in my home town, and I am their “Guiding Lion”. The ride was to benefit Mercy Flight of Western New York, an organization that provides emergency flight transportation for critically ill or injured patients. The fundraiser raised thousands of dollars. It was a big ride with over 200 motorcycles, and one car, mine, in the ride. The route covered 86 miles and was escorted by a team of 8 Motorcycle police officers from local, state, and federal agencies. My role was to be the last vehicle in the ride so the escort police officers knew where the end of the ride was. It was really a hoot, and it was very rewarding to be part of such a wonderful event. I thought the fine folks on this forum would enjoy this.

Mercy Flight Ride 2022.jpg

Got to see @Boydsdodge ’s Dodge wagon today. Thank you for the tour J! This thread’s title is broad enough that I should be able to share the eye candy. @LocuMob