Sway bar 1961 Newport

Has anyone found a rear sway bar kit for a 61 Newport or have a workable suggestion for a donor vehicle or year? Thanks
I put air shocks on my 1966 Chrysler Station Wagon and it did wonders for the handling. Totally eliminated the sway. (45 years ago)
When I put air shocks on the back of my '70 Monaco, I immediately noticed that it felt more "glued-down" in the rear, compared to the load-levellers that were on the car when I bought it. With air shocks, when the car leans one way, the inside wheel appears to be better-planted, just as with a rear sway bar.

You might measure the width of the spring perches on the rear axle. Then compare that to more modern vehicles (as the earlier Chrylser Cordobas of the 1975 era). I know of one '66 Polara that's running around with a Cordoba rear sway bar on it, with all factory hardware. The owner said he had to heat the bar to bend it a slight bit to line up with the spring location on the Polara. Perhaps, something similar for the Chrysler, too? Salvage yard parts!

C body police cars from the mid 70's and also 70-74 e body cuda challenger ( mounts above the rear end like diplomat police cars on the 80's)
Like CBODY67 says, do some measuring. I tried to put the rear axle with the sway bar from a 1972 Dodge Police Cruiser on my 1966 Chrysler years ago. Had the springs mounted and went to put it under the car, the spring mounts were almost 2 inches wider than my frame and I could not use it. I would hesitate to heat it up and bend it as it may take the temper or flex out of it. I probably still have the sway bar and mounting brackets in the attic of my garage. Will find out in the spring when I can get out there and start cleaning out.