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  1. 75LandYacht

    Plain Jane/ turn up the base.

    This is gonna be a fun thread, I thought about starting one just like this myself. But the early bird got the worm. Can’t wait to see the results.
  2. 75LandYacht

    Retirement - what prompted you to do so?

    I’m 58 and plan on jumping ship at 62. I retired after 20 years in the US Navy at 39, currently working on my second pension and annuity with the local union here in New York. 4 more years and I’m done. CAN’T WAIT.!!!
  3. 75LandYacht

    How to post car parts

    Go to the forum at the top left corner of our page click on the drop-down and the parts are broken into sections, electrical, mechanical interior and exterior etc. Open one of those options in the top right hand corner you'll see (POST)in yellow. Click on that and make your announcement.
  4. 75LandYacht

    Auto temp 2 :(

    This is all very interesting. As my Auto temp stooped work in my 77 last summer. I hear hissing from under passenger side dash. Time to investigate…
  5. 75LandYacht

    My new 1970 New Yorker

    Great story.. congrats on your new toy. Keep us posted as you go.
  6. 75LandYacht

    NOT MINE 1968 Plymouth VIP 383HP - $15,999 Mission Viejo CA

    Also I think white walls or even some redlines would be a nice touch. Black walls juts Don’t do it.. when you’re asking that kind of money, details matter!
  7. 75LandYacht

    Finally, after eight years...

    Looked at shipping.. says about $1800 for US to Germany. Something for me to certainly consider.
  8. 75LandYacht

    Finally, after eight years...

    I may have to put that event on my bucket list, maybe even consider shipping my NYB over as well.
  9. 75LandYacht

    Finally, after eight years...

    Awesome Georg… will certainly keep an eye open on the site..
  10. 75LandYacht

    Shipping across the USA

    $1900 open trailer from Vegas to Yonkers NY in 2019.. I say do and stop looking..
  11. 75LandYacht

    NOT MINE Various cars in Colorado.

    I remember him.. he’s done quite a few cars with Murray Parks..
  12. 75LandYacht

    WHAT ? Another 61 Fury restroation......

    We gonna see ya at Carlise this year Will?
  13. 75LandYacht

    SOLD 76 gran fury wagon WI

    How bout that 70 Duster in your profile pic? Was my dads first new car.
  14. 75LandYacht

    78 Newport interior trim clip/cover?

    Those are the trim caps for the door pull straps on each door..
  15. 75LandYacht

    Carlisle 2024

    I had a 65 NYer.. wife STILL gives me **** about selling it.
  16. 75LandYacht

    Carlisle 2024

    Oh, come on Rick you can scrape a few bucks together to at least come for the day. No? Google says a 5 Hour Dr for you, it’s about four for me from Westchester county NY..
  17. 75LandYacht

    2024 Hot Rod Power Tour

    I’ve gotta make some schedule adjustments, I think I’m gonna Pull the trigger on this one.. Anyone else considering? It’d be nice if WE could meet up and do it as a Club..
  18. 75LandYacht

    I have a confession to make…

    Can’t wait…