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  1. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1972 plymouth fury III 2 dr ht body

    its fairly rust free , and i've unbolted everything , but the windshield , rear window and quart side glass , dash shell , rear end n springs shocks . still have all the body parts . i've been selling off the parts little by little . so the tub is $500 bucks , the doors are 100 bucks each , hood...
  2. pomonamissel

    For Sale 72 fury 3 2dr coupe body ?

    here it is a 72 fury 3 that someone started a 400 /727 conversion on . its not finshed . i want the 400 motor 727 trans and front disc setup with the master n valving with lines for my projects . so the body and interior will be for sale whole for $1000 . or if some one wants the whole car as is...
  3. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1967 chrysler 300 convertible tnt 440

    i have three 67 300's rags , this car is as she left the factory , original owner died with it in the garage . i save it from a guy that was plucking parts from it for his . now she's back together and i've enjoyed her for some great times , have done some resto to her so it can be a driver ...