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  1. PeugFra

    Voyager 1 and 2 still alive!!!! 38,000 mph!

    Yes, my first digit is "6" and I do remember these scenes glimmering over the screen like it happened just yesterday. I was primed by a youth scientific journal ("Kijk" for the Dutch readers among us, which translates to "Look!" for all the others) that explained everything really well. Just...
  2. PeugFra

    1974 Fury II - Build Tread - (First build)

    Please, please, pics of the fender tag and the door sticker!
  3. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1973 Plymouth gran fury CDN$4,000

    The body color is probably JY9 Tahitian Gold Metallic, a very desirable color!
  4. PeugFra

    Exclusive Plymouth Dealers

    Great information! Did they still sell only Plymouth during the time you worked there? And do you happen to know when they closed? From the dealer #62278 they got their dealership agreement in 1963.
  5. PeugFra

    SOLD Formal new Yorker

    A pic of the fender tag will tell.
  6. PeugFra

    NOT MINE Lee Iacocca's Imperial

    Clearly below the estimate of $30,000 - $50,000. Did Iacocca deserve this?
  7. PeugFra

    NOT MINE Lee Iacocca's Imperial

    With these credentials, that should fetch a nice stack of dollars!
  8. PeugFra

    Bob Brent’s Warren Chrysler-Plymouth

    [1986 Dealership Directory] 64840 Warren Chrysler-Plymouth, 32711 Van Dyke, Warren, Mi, orig. date 03-70, principal Robt M. Brent [Dec 14, 1986] — Warren Chrysler-Plymouth 32711 Van Dyke, Warren <Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan> [February 10, 1994] Robert M. Brent, 32711 Van Dyke...
  9. PeugFra

    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    @69CoronetRT: Just great! Looking again at the fender tag I'm not so shure any more how to read the first digit of the SPD. Comparing it to other 5's and 6's on the tag, I still think 5 is the more likely answer, though. The broadcast sheet or the window sticker could settle this matter. The...
  10. PeugFra

    When was the last production day for C-Bodies?

    Thanks to @69CoronetRT the low-mile car can be added: CS43T8C173849, SPD XXX, MDH 060510 CS23T8C174584, SPD XXX, MDH 060111 CL43N8C175464, SPD 606, MDH 051011 CS23N8C175891, SPD 606, MDH 060509 CS23N8C175963, SPD 606, MDH 061207 CS43T8C176854, SPD 606, MDH XXXXXX CS23N8C177935, SPD 612, MDH...
  11. PeugFra

    78 NYB w/ 4k miles not for sale

    With the high VIN I would really like to add the car to the Late C-Bodies List. But I'd need pictures of the fender tag and the doorsticker.
  12. PeugFra

    M-body police package fender tag decode

    That's an excellent idea, but they still need to be read as 6 digit codes. The same suffix, the last 3 digits, can occur more than once, for instance, N01 and N03. They seem to modify the meaning of the first 3 digits in a few basic ways. And the first 3 digit code LND is combined with three...
  13. PeugFra

    SOLD 76 gran fury wagon WI

    Fender tag and doorsticker, please! Or at least, pictures of them.
  14. PeugFra

    M-body police package fender tag decode

    Hope this helps:
  15. PeugFra

    78 NYB w/ 4k miles not for sale

    It sure would make the list, but I need the fender tag and/or door sticker to be sure. I don't do Facebook either. For now I jotted this down in my off-line list.
  16. PeugFra

    N - VON Any info on this?

    The 1970-1974 list doesn’t give away the answer, but it does show how you could start finding out more. Look at this: K - Y39 = Special Order K - Y39 = Special Order/Police N - Y39 = Special Order First step: Special Order/Police is mostly recognizable by F sales codes, so that should make it...
  17. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1977 Gran Fury Low Miles B.A.T.

    I also prefer the minimal approach as embodied in this car.
  18. PeugFra

    Old Dealer Codes

    Didn't know about the closed date; thanks!
  19. PeugFra

    The Largest Car Ever Made

    Another entertaining write-up from Curbside Classics: Curbside Classic: 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 - The Longest Standard Production Car Ever - Curbside Classic