2024 Volo Car Show

Yes, the C body show. I know they were talking about moving it to another location. I hadn’t heard anything yet so I still refer to it as the Volo show.
I've not posted anything on the 8th annual C Body Show because I have been in a holding pattern with the decision maker at Volo. He was in Europe for a month, and just returned this week.
Yesterday I received an email from him to let me know there won't be any car shows on the grounds in 2024, due to the "trackless" kiddy trains that will be a new attraction/ride on the property. The trackless train ride will be going to many different points of interest on the grounds, and since this will be their 1st year, they don't want to commit to blocking off any area of free space for a car show.

I waiting to hear back from another location with available dates.
More information will be available soon.
That seems like a really weird choice on their part. Lots of space back there. But they got my 2 pounds of flesh last year and wouldn't have gotten more this year anyway.
As I see it, they have been evolving into a more "family oriented" destination over the past year, to attract more people to their museum. It's good business sense as they are looking to the sustainably of the museum to a larger audience of new patrons, along with their core business and continued funds they earn through the vehicle consignments and sales from their antiques & memorabilia.
They are running commercials on TV that are promoting their location as a destination geared towards families and have expanded many acres of the unused land they had into a large, animated Jurassic Park theme park.
I understand their decision to not have any car shows this year with all the new attractions they are opening up this year, and don't hold any ill feelings for not being able to have the annual C Body Show there in 2024. They've been a terrific host every time I have worked with them over the years for C Body Shows 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7.
I will be posting a dedicated thread with information on the 8th annual C Body Show later this week including the flyer with the QR code for the car show registration. It's been slow finalizing the details with the staff this year since most are working there on a part-time basis.

Knowing some attendees will be coming from out of state, I wanted to let everyone know the show this year will in Union, Illinois at the Illinois Railway Museum on June 22nd so you'll have enough time to make plans your summer car show season.
Additional details will be included when the event thread is created.
For anyone that has never been to IRM before, this is a MUST SEE if you are a train enthusiast. A great alternative venue to Volo!
The IRM will have their Trolley Weekend event happening on Sat & Sun, with all types of trolleys and streetcars operating with rides on their private rail. The train depot where you would go to hop on one of the streetcars will be just a few steps from where we will be parked.
With the trolley rides, the many barns that house the trains and our C Body Show, there should be something to do for anyone who attends.