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Aug 18, 2022
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Hello all , i have a 1972 Plymouth Fury 360/727 original color is like a mustard color with similar/beige interior. I removed the entire interior ,converted the column shifter to the floor , converted bench to buckets ,replaced back seats and door panels from 73 Fury, new carpet ,new headliner ,new bluetooth classic radio, new wheels , a custom center console and a nos dash.I couldn't wait a year and a half for a paint job so i got her vinyl wrapped, SHE TURNED OUT BEAUTIFUL Now i'm looking for some more horsepower . I impulse bought a 2016 Hemi after getting info it should bolt right up to the 727 . Made some calls and looks like just under 2k for wiring to get it to turn over . Now considering maybe a 440 short block or a stroker that would bolt right in. I like to keep the current 727 but not a deal breaker . I would appreciate any input on changing the motor ,thanks

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Easiest & least expensive route would to build the existing 360. That would get you cruising around town and on the highway just fine. You would also be able to use the current 727 trans. To do a big block swap you would need a big block 727 plus a big block K frame. Years ago I had a '72 Gran Coupe with a 360 2 barrel set up and it ran just fine with plenty of power. It all depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. You gotta love those hideaway headlights, such a cool looking front end.
Oh, that's a heavy car.
Maybe figure out how much power and what gear you want and go at it from that persecutive.
There is a POWERNATION YT video of a stroker 360 on the dyno. Not sure of the engine specs, but they did a dyno run before the upgrade and afterward. I was amazed at the horsepower and TORQUE that "little" 408 produced. Close to 480! THEN, a little while later, a dyno run of a 408 on Nick's Garage YT channel. Very similar results! "HEMI Power", as Nick proclaimed, quoting the factory 425 horsepower and 480 lbs/ft torque of that particular motor (which started out as a '73 'Cuda 360 car with "Stroker 408" emblems on it. That engine had Edelbrock aluminum heads on it.

Yes, the Gen III Hemi is an easier swap than might be suspected. There used to be a thread in here on such a swap in a '67 or '68 Fury III Fastop. I PM'd the poster and as it turned out, quite eaasy to do. Only main thing was using the donor car's OEM radiator rather than the OEM Fury radiator, There's a more recent thread where one was put into a '66 Newport 4-dr sedan, with the 8-speed ZF and modified BMW electronics to run the transmission. Using the '66 Chrysler radiator, but an aluminum replacement.

BUT . . . no real mention of costs to do the swaps. The Fury III items were salvage yard sourced, other than the radiator, so costs would be lower. Getting a new radiator for the Charger donor is less money than an aluminum radiator for the '67! But it would be better to get the correct radiator for the car, I suspect. Then just some finagling of the hoses to the engine.

So, as tempting as the Gen III Hemi might be, in order to get the full benefits of that newer design, I highly suspect that the electronics and 8-speed ZF are needed for those things. With the dyno results of the two YT videos, I NOW suspect a stroker 360 would be the least invasive and INCOGNITO way to go. Check out the two videos I mentioned.

Back in the earlier 1980s, we hosted Dick Landy for one of our annual car shows. At that time, stroker motors were not nearly as available or doable as they now are. In response to a question about what size of engine to build, he replied that unless you were going to go 440, then a stroker small block was the better option. Now, the stroker LA rotating assys are much more available and doable. You'll be buying pistons for any rebuild anyway, so the main expenses would be for the crank and rods, making it more economically-feasible.

Just some thoughts,
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The wrap looks great. Another small block would be the easiest to do, but I do like idea of a modern Hemi
I would go with the modern Hemi, especially if your transmission will bolt up. Better drivability, fuel efficiency and plenty of power.
I would go with the modern Hemi, especially if your transmission will bolt up. Better drivability, fuel efficiency and plenty of power.
This if you have the budget. I'm old school and still favor the 408 small blocks.
The wrap looks great. Was that cheaper than paint? Asking for a friend….
I priced it on a 63 Belvedere here in Vegas. Between 3 and 4 grand. They even told me that it will hold up in the killer summer heat.
Still up in the air about doing it.
My vote would be to do the hemi swap. You've made some nice changes to your 72 Fury, and that wrap looks great. The 5.7 would be a mod to take it to the next level.
The wrap looks great. Was that cheaper than paint? Asking for a friend….

wrap has really evolved over the last few years. The material is super high quality. In Germany many people use it on high value cars ( Porsche etc.) They order the car with black paint because black has a better resale value than a fancy color only a few people would want. Invest about 4K for a high quality wrap job and you have a cool looking car and when you sell it you have a like new paint job underneath with no chips or scratches.
If it was my car I'd probably just keep the small block. It's reliable and with the proper build will give plenty of power. But of course it's not gonna start and run like a modern fuel injected engine. It really comes down to how much effort/expense you want to put into it and whether you lean toward keeping it original or making it a resto-mod.
Just a thought that I dont know if anyone else touched on but is your current tranny in good enough condition to handle building your current 360 for more power? If not and you're going to need to rebuild that tranny then I'd pick up a big block 727 and build a big block for it. And if you're feeling extra froggy grab yourself a 400 BB and stroke it!
The wrap looks great. Was that cheaper than paint? Asking for a friend….
Hello, yes the wrap was cheaper ,about 6k .I had three estimates for paint ,looking at 20k -30k thats taking it down to metal and building it back up . The wrap will show any imperfections