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Jun 13, 2014
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I'm kind of surprised at the price for this 78 with Auto Temp II and 87k miles on a lean burn 400 in Minnesota. No mention of the wipers.

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We are selling our 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham hardtop sedan. This car originally belonged to a family and was utilized as their vacation car into the 1980s. As it was explained to us by the son of the the original owner, after the children were raised the car became relegated to very occasional duty sometime in the mid 1980s and was replaced by something smaller and economical. Although the mother drove it to her banking job occasionally, by the early 1990s the car was parked in a garage until we bought it. It sat in a concrete floor garage that had and needed some typical repairs to make it roadworthy again. We opted to replace the fuel tank as it had the usual suspect junk floating around in very old gas, replaced all rubber fuel lines and the sending unit. The brakes were inspected but the car did not have seized calipers or wheel cylinders which was surely a testament of how dry the garage was. The carburetor was cleaned and did not require a rebuild. The car was serviced and new white walls were mounted. A new battery was installed. The paint, vinyl top, and dash pad are very nice and have no crazing or cracking due to sun or heat. As shown in the pictures few of the door armrests have cracked two with minor cracking and the drivers as show with a bigger crack and were repaired at some point with fair results. The top has no bubbling in the corners nor is the vinyl shrinking, torn or faded. The body is typical of sitting in a garage for years and has a few dings here and there. All paint appears thick, shines to a deep luster and the car is not a rust bucket. The velour seats are in very good condition. The velour is a pleasant change over the leather that is often seen in the New Yorker. The triple green color scheme with the chrome wheel covers is a very striking combination. The Auto Temp II climate control system does work and the double lung compressor that all of our older Chryslers have had engages as it should but does not blow cold. We did not utilize R12 refrigerate to see if it holds nor did we convert it to R134. When we drove the car throughout this summer, it proved to be a reliable, very comfortable cruiser that got lots of attention. The motor is the 400 cubic inch big block with a Lean Burn system that operates as it should. It was very easy to start from cold with the carburetor choke and high and low idle speeds working as they should. Likewise, it started easily from hot without any of the hard start or flooding that sometimes happens on bigger Mopars. The 727 automatic transmission shifts as it should. All electric options work, including the cruise control, power seat, stereo and all speakers, and all windows and power locks. The digital Chronometer clock still works! If you are searching for the special look and feel of a wide open, opulent 1970s American luxury, you may find this car appealing. This was the last year for the pillarless hardtop design that Chrysler wore so well. We are open to helping Stateside and international buyers with shipping details. Thank you.