2023 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

I looked on my Carlisle account shows shipped. I ordered back in Jan. Just checking before I go looking around if it hasn't been sent out yet.
OK, I can relax. I did some looking on Carlisle events. Packets are mailed out a month to 3 weeks from show date.
I called last week and they told me that I should expect my passes sometime this week or the following week.
Good Day All
Received my Carlisle info today. Getting pumped...
Just a couple more 'teeaks' and the 'Barge' is ready to cast-off......
Is anyone else as out-of-your-mind excited (as I am to get away from the DC Beltway) to let loose with a Mopar roar at Carlisle in 2023?
Well I'd rather be beat with a blunt object than live anywhere near the beltway but I am really excited about Carlisle 2023! I've had my tickets and hotel reservations since February. This year I will be looking for C Body parts.
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I received an e mail from Carlisle today. Not sure about challenges, but cost would be a reason.

"Due to the high number of challenges with mailings to Canada, we are preparing and holding credentials for our Canadian vendors and showfield participants at our gates.

CANADIAN VENDORS: If you are pre-registered, you may pick up your credentials at the Will-Call window outside of Gate 3 beginning on set-up day.

CANADIAN SHOWFIELD PARTICIPANTS: If you’ve pre-registered, you may pick-up your credentials at Showfield Registration in the parking lot outside of Gate 3 beginning on set-up day.

Thank you for your understanding."

I understand, no problem. Better in their hands than my forgetful fingers.
I received my packet with the stickers, show field map, etc., earlier this week.
Just got mine this week too. I registered my DeSoto, but am not sure yet if I'll end up taking it or driving my newer Charger. It's a long 12-hour drive from Wisconsin.

FYI, I have a number of 1960-1962 Chrysler, 1966 Plymouth, 1965-1968 Chrysler, and 1956/1959 DeSoto parts available. I mention this because I can deliver parts in person, saving shipping costs that have skyrocketed and also deal face to face. Most of the Chrysler and Plymouth stuff I have in an Excel spreadsheet that I can send. Send me a PM with a request or for the list and I can see if I have what you are looking for.
I received my show field registration but I am still waiting for my swap meet space information.
I got my show field registration.
As of now, we are convoying down with my 68 Fury, a 64 New Yorker, a 68 Newport and a 74 Royal Monaco.
Could someone that has received there show field package post the map and the location of cars? I am curious to see what location they have parked the Imperials this year.
I'll be going as a spectator this year. Always a nice show and swap meet in my opinion.
In desperate need of driver side trim for my 66 fury convertible. Problem is I am in California. If you see any there could you pls let me know? 2 years searching now!