2bbl carb stall out - problem solved

WE live out in the dirt so I do like a very tight lid. I like the old A/F assemblies that clamp around the airhorn like on wideblocks so you're not stressing the airhorn when tightening the wingnut down, the stud is in the base of the air filter canister.
'66 D200 possibly ex Great Northern railroad rig, brass inventory tag on the core support.

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And the '66 Monaco 383 w/AC rad that came out of that truck, which I had rebuilt, and then almost a year later realized it would fit my truck with missing rad correctly if I switched ears from a truck big block rad, and I just happened to have that rad, and a swap at the rad shop and this is after nearly 2 years without a rad under the hood of this truck, and it started up on at 1st touch of the key. Rebuilt 318, shuts off just as a fast, tight.

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View attachment 587022Now with proper hoses, make that a 3 year project.
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That’s very cool. I have a Great Northern RR coffee mug, from a visit to a lodge in Montana. Does the truck have axles with the narrow width wheel track so it can ride the rails?

PS My cousin worked on the RR in Montana as a supervisor maintaining track in the 80’s. He loved to buy old C-bodies as his “work commute vehicle” up there. He was a big guy and needed a big car!
Here are some photos of the bridge kit. I think it is pretty straightforward how this kit provided extra support for the stud holding the air cleaner by adding the two new, longer screws to firmly hold the air cleaner to the base of the carburetor via the bridge instead that is much stronger than using the airhorn for the mounting the air cleaner stud (note that the threaded stud that holds the air cleaner in place is part of the "bridge" that goes across the body of the carburetor and secures the air cleaner rather than such a stud mounted on the weaker air horn as in the original design). I did not tighten the screws of the bridge kit in these photos since I will be taking the bridge off again when I rebuild this carburetor for use on one of my 360s.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Thanks for the pics Steve!!! I’ll have to think about this!!!