6th Annual C Body Show


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Jan 18, 2013
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After solidifying arrangements for the 6th Annual C Body Show this year, it’s time to post the details.
We will be returning to the Volo Auto Museum for 2022, with the event date being Saturday, June 25th.

The attached flyer includes a QR code for easy access to the registration site.

To register, just hover your smart phone over the QR link with your phone in picture mode. A link will appear on your phone. Tap the link on your phone and it will take you to the event details & registration.
You can also register here: 6th Annual C Body Mopars Car Show Tickets, Sat, Jun 25, 2022 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

For those interested, the following day the Chicagoland Mopar Connection club is having their annual event 5 miles up the road at Veterans Park in Fox Lake, IL.
I plan on being at the Fox Lake show the following day too, to make it a full weekend of Mopar appreciation.

As a final note, if anyone would like to play a part in helping grow the C Body attendance this year for our event, print out some of the C Body flyers before going to any of your local car shows you plan on attending this year, and drop a copy of one of the flyers onto the front seat of any C Body you see at any car show or cruise night.
The QR code will direct them to our event.

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I’m in! Already registered.

Will be bringing the 68 Sportsgrain Newport again (my wife won’t let me buy another car…)

I’m thinking of getting a room up there this year and going to the Fox Lake show on Sunday too!
there's a red plymouth I would help with...
I would let you take the red car for a spin,, or two...
Just remember,, I get to take your black car for a spin as well.. :steering:

or mebbe your white car....... hmmm........ :eek:
Register today. Will bring my 69 300 convertible. Weather permitting I will attend the Fox Lake car show. Tim I will print some flyers to pass out here in Indy. Thanks for putting this event on again.
I would let you take the red car for a spin,, or two...
Just remember,, I get to take your black car for a spin as well.. :steering:

or mebbe your white car....... hmmm........ :eek:
Of the options, the white car is far more dangerous!
As the registration count begins, we've already jumped to 12 signing up for the show.
Better than any previous Day 1 registrations for all of the past years we've had for this event.
I forget, in the sign-up process, is the General Admission quantity the number of cars or the number of people? I now have acquired a c-body (two actually) since last year, so I definitely want to make it.
When you click on either the QR code or the link in the original post, scroll down to "contact the organizer", and click the link.
You can send me a message there, with the type of vehicle(s) you will be bringing to the show, including yr/make/model, and how many people will be coming with you to the event.
By sending a message, you will be able to keep your attendance up to date and can also make changes anytime should your plans change through this messaging tool.
Still thinking…..but unlikely.
I have a family reunion in MT the weekend before the C-body show. Since my Mom is putting it on I should probably go as all my Aunts and Uncles aren’t getting any younger. Maybe drive my car back home and cruise the drag a couple of times for old times sake.
About the same distance as to the C-body show but way less traffic.
Maybe save my trip to the East for Carlisle.