CATL 2021: C-bodies At The Lake on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021 (Dwight to Fox Lake, IL)


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Mark your calendars: the third CATL Drive (aka the 2021 Edition) is on!

The first (2019) CATL ran from Rockford, IL to the old Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee and onto Racine, WI (for beers and car discussions with @70 Sport Suburban) in September 2019, with a stop on Lake Michigan's western shore. The 2020 CATL ran from Rockford via St Charles, IL and Hammond, IN to the Indiana Dunes National Park, on Lake Michigan's southern shore.

This year's CATL will run from a spot on Historic Route 66 in Dwight, IL to a much smaller body of water in Fox Lake, IL. There is a car show there on Sept. 18 (FB page) which is a natural end point for the route, and the next day (on September 19, 2021) there is the 2021 Autorama in Beloit, WI for those who want to make it a weekend affair.

Should the weather not cooperate on Sept.18, the rainy-day date would need to be confirmed. One possibility could be Sept. 25 but work may get in the way that weekend. BTW, for folks from WI and MN, there is a swap and meet in Jefferson, WI (a good 1.5 hours north) on Sept. 24-26.

Type of event: This is not a stationary show -- Tim's C-Body Shows have that corner of the "market" covered in spades. As in 2019 and 2020, the idea of a CATL is to drive our C-bodies through smaller roads to some nice locations. Along the way and at the end, of course, we park the cars/eat/shoot the breeze. The route is chosen so that folks can join or part along the way, and thus not commit to a full day if they do not wish to do so.

This year's starting point/time: the 2021 CATL will start at 9AM from the Old Route 66 Family Restaurant at 105 S. Old RT. 66 in Dwight, IL. For those interested in starting with a good breakfast, I plan to be there and order mine around 8:30AM.

The destination: Fox Lake, IL. The advantage of this year's choice of lake is that it is roughly equidistant to Milwaukee, Chicago and its 'burbs, and Rockford. Leaving Dwight at 9AM should get one to Fox Lake around noon even if we stop in Crystal Lake.

--> We will head out to the Culvers Car Show at 100 S US Hwy 12 in Fox Lake, IL. Registration is $20. I have no association with the show or the eponymous restaurant on whose property the show is held, but I think it makes a nice destination.

--> That car show runs from 7AM till 2PM, so we can have lunch there. After the it ends, interested folks can join me for drinks / coffee at Port of Blarney -- this waterfront spot has plenty of parking for our cars, and a deck looking out at the lake. I am open to other suggestions, of course.

The itinerary: I have attached a map of the tentative itinerary between Dwight and Fox Lakes, IL. I will depart Dwight at 9AM and drive up IL-47 to Morris and then, right after we take IL-176, we will make a stop at the Crystal Lake Main Beach (another lake!) in order to catch up with members from the area. After a pit/photo stop, we'll head to Fox Lake.

@71Polara383, @sixpkrt, @70 Sport Suburban , and I are in. @LocuMob should make it is as well, and @david hill may also be able to. Who else?

@Xenon @BLIMP @70NEWYORKER @metaldad @SGVert @traintech55 @Stanj @Georges77 @tallhair @swartzed @MarPar @Wonderwagon @furious70 @Cbodies69-73 @Billy Bats @Sport Fury 67 @Chopperbob1 @drh4683 @Biggie @Asleep at the Meal @sgtmac1 @300E @Air Force Polara @furyusvip @Grizzly's Garage @B to C @Popslavaz @Brian Parrino @70 Droptop @Ed Wagner @Skins69 @BUBBAZ488 @IAG @william @Dan Wolf @Jdlov @gkellm @plum360415 @Casey @blue88 @haywire 440 @chilsam @JPMODL @Cags70PolaraConvert (and anyone else who is interested and can make it).

CATL drive 2021 road map.png
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Unfortunately I won’t be able to go on this one, looks like fun!

I’ve got my fall bike (bicycle) trip planned both those dates, I’m getting a ride up to the Twin Cities and riding home over the next 7 days, 450+ miles…
As long as my Volkswagen doesn't get (near) totaled again, I'm in!

Kidding. I hope... but seriously, yes I'll be there.
I had hoped to have my fury running again last week, no dice! Doubtful it'll be running and tested in time
Is the date still set for Sunday 19 Sept?
If so. I will try to meet up with you guys at the Oar.
Yes it is, great that you can come! I will bring Medina.

PS: your post made me realize that the revised timing / itinerary disappeared due to the crashed server. I was not aware of this issue and will repost it.
What is the itinerary with each stop listed and approx time of each stop.............................
the revised timing / itinerary (that I posted on Aug. 31) disappeared due to the crashed FCBO server. I was not aware of this issue and will repost it.
What is the itinerary with each stop listed and approx time of each top
Your wish is my command. I had been hoping that the lost posts would be restored, but that has not happened, so here goes.

I. Date: Sunday, September 19, 2021.

II. Revised itinerary and times:

The starting point is still Dwight, IL. By popular request, Crystal Lake, IL is now the end point (rather than Fox Lake, with Crystal Lake as a stopover).

1. Overall road map:

1 overall road.png

2. Timing:

8:30 AM: breakfast at the Old Route 66 Family Restaurant at 105 S. Old RT. 66 in Dwight, IL.

9:00 AM: the 2021 CATL drive starts at 9AM. Two friends and I will leave the restaurant's parking lot with Medina, my 1971 Monaco, at 105 S. Old RT. 66 in Dwight, IL. We drive shortly on Old Route 66, then we make a left and drive north on IL-47 through Mazon, IL to Morris, IL.

9:30 AM: we make a stop in Morris to check out the old Illinois and Michigan Canal Trail and also the grain elevators (mile marker ILR272 for the CBOT futures delivery point) along the Illinois River. The map below shows where we will park. If @BLIMP can join the CATL, that's where he will team up with us.

3 Morris IL.png

10:00 AM: we leave the elevators and drive north on IL-47 till we hit IL-176. We make a right on 176 and follow IL-176 east to IL-31. We make a right on 31, then immediately take the first left onto E. Crystal Ave. We drive east on E Crystal, till it becomes Crystal Lake Rd (right after Lake Kilarney, which we will see on the right from the road). We soon make a left on W. Rawson Bridge Rd, which ends in a T a half mile later. We make a right onto Rawson Bridge Rd (very original naming scheme) and we follow that road to the Broken Oar Restaurant.

2 IL47toIL176toBroken_Oar.png

12:00-2:30PM: Lunch / meet / chat outside at the Broken Oar. The food and atmosphere come highly recommended by @sixpkrt. They have outside seating, which is my strong preference these days.

3 IL176toIL31toBroken_Oar.png

2:30PM: depending on whether Buttercup is ready for a test drive, I will either head to Rockford with @71Polara383 or to Chicago.
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@71Polara383 @sixpkrt @70NEWYORKER @Georges77 and @70 Sport Suburban (+ his Dad and a friend, each bringing their cars) are sure bets on Sunday. @BLIMP had a change of plans, but I have not given up entirely. @LocuMob is also still a possibility. And I sure hope that their messages above mean that @Xenon and @furious70 will be coming, too. :)

Calling all the others who might be reasonably able to drive to all or part of the CATL -- it is fine, as always, if we just meet or drive part of the way:

@metaldad @SGVert @70 Droptop @traintech55 @Stanj @tallhair @swartzed @MarPar @Wonderwagon @Cbodies69-73 @Billy Bats @Sport Fury 67 @Chopperbob1 @drh4683 @Biggie @Asleep at the Meal @sgtmac1 @300E @Air Force Polara @furyusvip @Grizzly's Garage @B to C @Popslavaz @Brian Parrino @Ed Wagner @Skins69 @BUBBAZ488 @IAG @william @Dan Wolf @Jdlov @gkellm @plum360415 @Casey @blue88 @haywire 440 @chilsam @JPMODL@Cags70PolaraConvert @badvs3vil @Casey @chilsam @Clutch Carnage @blue88 @gregory cotten @Steven E Hiatt @1971Monaco @polara71 @Davews @paddy wagon @Patinad70Polara @mallex @Owen11x @Shakerdave @69Polara383 @JPMODL @DeMopuar @Pete Kaczmarski (and anyone else who is interested and can make it).
Nope, serving at church on Sunday, I'll miss it. I did drive my charger to Byron for drag week tho this week
Nope, serving at church on Sunday, I'll miss it. I did drive my charger to Byron for drag week tho this week
Unless the service runs into the afternoon, you could join us at the Broken Oar :)
Sunday is also date night for me and my wife
Y'all don't want a little b body there anyway
Church is in the morning. Date night is at night. That leaves a whole part of the day. And yes, your B-body would be great.

Seriously, you've got a packed Sunday, enjoy it and we see you the next time :)
Medina is ready to go on the CATL Drive tomorrow morning. Here she is, after I filled up her gas tank tonight and stopped for a bite afterwards.


PS: I turned on the turn signal to show off the cornering light in action.