CATL 2021: C-bodies At The Lake on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021 (Dwight to Fox Lake, IL)

The CATL has started. Breakfast at the Old Route 66 restaurant in Dwight, IL.

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Now guess who surprised me in Dwight? Yes, @LocuMob made it all the way from Minnesota !

Here we are in Morris, Il an hour ago.

Stuck waiting for a motorcycle parade to pass. Half an hour to the goal!

Scott and I arrived at noon. Come soon!

By the time all had arrived, we had (in order of arrival) @LocuMob and yours truly, soon followed by @70NEWYORKER @Xenon @71Polara383 @sixpkrt .


A friend, who bought a 1970 EB3 Polara ´vert in Ohio last summer and has been restoring it, arrived a bit later but still in time for lunch. He parked in the next row znd it was great catching up.


The weather was perfect, and amazingly seating was available by the water (the restaurant does not take reservations so the good tables are first come, first serve — we were lucky).

A water pic is needed for any CATL. The Fox River runs from Fox Lake in Northern Illinois.


PS: a nice, seemingly original, Dodge truck that was at Carlisle was parked next to a Chevelle, itself parked next to Medina. Lots of red cars today!

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Looks like you guys had a great day for this, it was beautiful here in the Detroit area too.